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SMS Text Alerts

Never miss another shock drop!
Our team will provide text message notifications directly to your phone so that you are alerted of any important news or shock drops!
Missing discord or twitter notifications can be easy however our notification will ensure you never miss the alerts that matter!

Global Coverage

Our SMS text messages work in all regions of the globe with all providers. Our experienced staff throughout multiple regions of the globe remain ready to support our members.

Early Info

Due to our team Apex Chef's primary role as a cook group and relationship with Nike plugs, we are able to provide Apex Alert members with early info on important shock drops. We are also able to offer early info on expected drops based on our password page / anti-bot monitors.

Essential Updates For Success

Apex Alert staff will offer important information not only on shock drops, but also important info going on in the sneaker community.
Example: Important password page or anti-bot website adjustments suggesting impending drops! Apex Alert members will receive SMS updates with plenty of time to prepare.

Release Schedule Access

As an Apex Alert member, you gain access to our discord server which providers weekly updates on release schedules, also allowing you to sync your cell phone number to our instantenous notification system.

Member Support

Our fully experienced staff are always available to provide member's direct 1 to 1 ticket support with any issues or concerns.

About Our SMS Text Alerts
Information & Content

Apex Alert provides organic information stemming from the resources and staff of our primary cook group, Apex Chefs. As our staff is located accross the globe, our Apex Alert is able to offer 24/7 coverage for essential updates you do not want to miss.

Nike Plug / Early Info

Apex Chefs supplies early info directly from the source allowing Apex Alert members to fully prepare for important Nike drops.
Example: Each Off-White x MCA drop our team was fully prepared and alerted hours before the actual drop.

Release Schedule Access & Member Support

Apex Alert is hosted through the user friendly mobile/desktop application discord. All Apex Alert members will receive access to weekly schedules, daily release updates, and more!

Real Examples Of Previous Apex Alerts

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